Welcome to Minoh City where you meet a rich natural environment!


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Minoh where you can feel a rich nature.
Minoh city surrounded with a rich natural environment is located in only 30 minutes from the center of Osaka. The view of Hokusetsu chain of mountains from the downtown is changing season by season and soothes our souls. “The Forest of Meiji Minoh Quasi-National Park” where many people visit through the year was designated in 1967 as Quasi-National Park with “Takao” of Tokyo celebrating “one century of Meiji”. The Quasi-National Park that is located in about 25 km to the northward from the center of Osaka and from 100 to 600 meters above sea level is famous for autumn leaves and a great waterfall. As the rich of nature still abound in Minoh, it is said that Minoh is one of the three richest repositories of insects in Japan as well as Takao, Tokyo and Kifune, Kyoto. It is a feature of Minoh that you can feel nature wherever you go. And also the Mt. Minoh has a long history as a flourished place where monks practiced especially around the Minoh great waterfall. “Enno-gyoujya” who is respected as a father of “Syugen-do” (Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts) practiced in the basin of the waterfall and when he died, he was raised to the sky from “Tenjyogatake” that is located in deep mountains of Minoh.


You can enjoy the view of each season.
In spring wild cherry blossoms bloom and the mountain is covered with new greenery such as Acer palmatum (Japanese maple). In summer fireflies come out in the vicinity of river. And also the great waterfall is a popular spot to avoid the heat of summer. In autumn leaves of mountains turn red and yellow making colorful patterns such as a patchwork. In Taki-mich (a road to the great waterfall from the Minoh Station) the red and yellow leaves reflect in the Minoh-gawa River and make a colorful world from top to bottom. In winter seeds of aucuba turn red and are so bright in a snowy landscape. Each season you come to Minoh, you will meet wonderful natural scenes.
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