MINOH Recommendable Course for first time visitors

This is recommendable course which you can enjoy plenty of Minoh sights.You can walk around relaxedly in a day.


  • 11:00

    Let’s get a guide map and start sightseeing.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    You can get information for sightseeing of Minoh in the tourist desk next to the Minoh Station of Hankyu Rail Way.You will find information of seasonal events and maps in various languages.

    • Minoh Tourist Desk map1

      • Minoh 1-1-1, Minoh

      • 072-723-1885

      • Weekday 10:00 – 16:00 Sat/Sun/Holiday/November 9:00 – 17:00【Holidays】Thursday (if Thursday is holiday, next day will be close) / New Year Holidays (from 28, December to 4, January)

      • Minoh Municipal Parking ¥100 per 30 minutes for standard sized car

      • Minoh City Web Site – Minoh Tourist Desk

  • 11:20

    “Kesou-bumi “(an ancient love letter) will bring you a wonderful encounter.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    At first, let’s go to “Syoutengu Saiko-ji Temple” which has a long history through the “Nakanosaka” (a previous road approaching the temple). “Kesou-bumi” that is handed down in “Syoutengu Saiko-ji Temple” was a love letter with that an ancient people confessed their love to their partner. With “Kesoubumi”, don’t you tell your love to a parson you like?

  • 11:40

    Have a lunch in cafes or restaurants where the taste of Meiji Period remains.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    Along the way to the Waterfall of Minoh called “Taki-michi”, there are cafes and restaurants renovated old buildings such as “Otoha-sansou” and “Kajikasou” where you can taste “Wasyoku”, “Sushi”, Italian dishes. ※Reservation required for some cafes and restaurants. “Minoh Kawayuka”, where you can have a lunch and a dinner beside the Minoh-gawa River hearing the murmur, is very popular.

    • Meiji no Mori Otoha-sansou map3

      • Minoh Park 1-3, Minoh

      • (072)721-3005

      • Lunch 11:30 – 14:30 Dinner 17:00 – 22:00 【holidays】Tuesday

      • Meiji no Mori OTOHASANSOU HP


      • Minoh 1-6-6, Minoh

      • (072)734-8531

      • 11:00 - 15:00、17:00 - 23:00 (L.O 22:00 ) ※October-December:OPEN : 09:30〜


    • Kawayuka Otoha-sansou Ume-yashiki (Reservation Required)  map5

    • Kawayuka Isoyoshi (Reservation Required) map6

      • Minoh Park, Minoh

      • 090-5892-4699(for reservation)

      • Depends on the season (from April to October) 【holidays】from Monday to Thursday (except holidays)

      • Kawayuka Isoyoshi HP

  • 13:00

    Rest for a moment hearing the murmur of river.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    Walking for 3 minutes from “Ichino-hashi Bridge”, you will find “Ume-yashiki” which was renovated a structure of Meiji period. In the space where the old days tastes remain such as “Ajiro-zukuri”, how about taking a rest for a moment?

    • UMEYASHIKI map7

      • Minoh Park, Minoh

  • 13:20

    Visit unique insectariums in Osaka prefecture to observe various types of insect.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    When you walk along “Taki-michi” (the way to the Water Fall of Minoh) hearing the murmur of the Minoh River, you will find Minoh Park insectariums on your left. When you step in the butterfly room, you can watch various butterflies fluttering freely. In other rooms very rare insects are on display, so it’s fun to look at them one by one walking through the insectariums.

    • Minoh Park Insectariums map8

      • Minoh Park1-18, Minoh

      • (072)721-7967

      • 10:00 - 17:00  (last admission at 16:30)【holidays】Tuesday

      • Admission fees : Adult ¥270 (group ¥190) ※one group needs more than 30 persons. Free for middle school or younger

      • Minoh Park Insectariums HP

  • 13:50

    The origin of lottery is in “Minohsan Ryuan-ji Temple”

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    Next to the insectariums, there is a temple called “Ryuan-ji” where the origin of lottery is. It’s said that the temple was founded by “Enno-Gyoja” (a legendary Buddhist monk practicing asceticism in the mountains). And also “Zuiun-bashi” (a Japanese-style bridge across the Minoh River) is vivid red color and a very popular spot to take pictures.

  • 14:10

    Find something important for life by learning about the career of Japanese industry founders.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    On the way of “Taki-michi”, there is a place called 「Gakumon no Michi Jisyudou」 where you can learn about the career of Japanese industry founders such as the president of HONDA, TOYOTA, SONY and more. All their history and words could give you some hints helping for your life.

    • Jisyudou map10

      • Minoh Park 2-27, Minoh

      • (072)720-5868

      • 11:00 - 16:00 【holidays】From January to March: Open only on Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday / Holidays From April to December: Close only on Tuesday

      • Admission free

  • 14:30

    Why did Hideo Noguchi, who is printed in the bill of 1,000 yen, visit Minoh?

    Noguchi Hideo is world-famous for the study of yellow fever. When he came back to Japan from United States of America temporarily, he visited Minoh with his mother and invited her to “Ryotei” (high-class Japanese-style restaurant). His statue was erected in 1959 for admiring his achievement and noble personality.

    • Statue of Hideo Noguchi map11

      • Minoh Park, Minoh

  • 15:00

    There is an enormous and legendary rock called “Tojin Modoriiwa” near the waterfall.

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    An enormous rock appears as if it blocked “Taki-michi” near the water fall. It is said that in past days it is too much huge that an envoi of Chain who was going to see the waterfall stopped marching forward.

    • Tojin Modoriiwa map12

      • Minoh Park, Minoh

  • 15:10

    Feel a great nature standing in front of The Waterfall of Minoh

    箕面 交通・観光案内所

    In the end of Taki-michi you will find the waterfall finally. The waterfall has a difference of 33 meters in elevation and is chosen for one of the 100 great waterfalls of Japan. It is sure that you feel the great nature with dynamic flow, the roar sounding to the ground and the spray covering you. “Takimi-bashi” (a red color bridge) is the best spot to take pictures.

    • The Minoh Great Waterfall map13

      • Minoh Park, Minoh

  • 16:20

    Relieve fatigue by soaking in a hot spring

    If you feel tiredness after the return, it is a good idea to soak in a hot spring to relieve fatigue. “Minoh Onsen Spa Garden” and “Momiji no Ashiyu” (foot spa) are recommended.

    • Oedo Onsen Monogatari・Minoh Onsen Spa Garden map14

      • Onsen-cho 1-1, Minoh

      • (072)723-2324

      • 10:00 - 24:00 (Final Admission 23:00)

      • check out web page

      • weekday free for 6 hours / Sat, Sun and Holiday free for 3 hours Before ¥300 per hour (User only)

      • Oedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Onsen Spa Garden HP